Wednesday, 8 June at 10:30

ESG Ratings and ESG Data in Financial Services

A presentation by Nick Bonsall, Chair of the IRSG ESG ratings workstream, and Peter Beardshaw, Managing Director at Accenture, European & UK Sustainability Services Lead. Chaired by Alexander Stafford MP.

Representatives from The City of London’s International Regulatory Strategy Group will speak to APPG members and sponsors on its recent report on ESG Ratings and ESG Data in Financial Service – a view from practitioners. 

Take a read of the report by clicking here.

Wednesday, 29 June at 10:30

The importance of regulators in driving the ESG agenda in financial services

A presentation and discussion by the FRC’s Executive Director of Regulatory Standards, Mark Babbington. Chaired by Alexander Stafford MP.

The Financial Reporting Council will speak to the group on the role of regulators in supporting a cleaner, greener, and more socially responsible economy, and driving higher standards of corporate governance in financial services.


Wednesday, 16 March at 10:30

A landscape of green finance regulation

A presentation and roundtable discussion by E3G, chaired by Alexander Stafford MP.

This politically-focused discussion looked at the ‘landscape of green finance regulation’ within the context of net zero, examined green finance regulation in the UK and questioned where we could improve.

Wednesday, 23 February, 10:30

How can ESG-focussed legislation help businesses tackle modern slavery?

A roundtable discussion chaired by Alexander Stafford MP, featuring Gareth Davies MP and Dame Sara Thornton.

This discussion examined how ESG-focussed legislation can help dismantle modern slavery within business supply chains and financial investments. With expert opinion from the Independent Anti Slavery Comissioner, Dame Sara Thornton, it was an insightful discussion.

Wednesday, 9 February at 14:30

Does the UK need a Social Taxonomy?

A roundtable discussion chaired by Alexander Stafford MP.

The roundtable-style discussion explored whether a Social Taxonomy and advisory group, in addition to the UK’s Green Taxonomy, would be a valuable regulatory addition, allowing more transparency for companies and investors on the social impact and performance of their operations and investments.

Wednesday, 24 November at 10:30

Defining impact from the perspective of ESG directors across various industries

A roundtable discussion chaired by Alexander Stafford MP.

The roundtable-style discussion explored what ESG impact means from the point of view of a range of sectors and industries. It also expanded on how this translates to materiality in reporting. The discussion also covered retrofitting buildings, EU and UK taxonomies, impact investing, and the COP26 summit. 

Wednesday, 27 October at 10:30

Standardising and regulating ESG performance and assessment in the UK

A roundtable discussion chaired by Alexander Stafford MP.

This rescheduled meeting addressed the standardisation and regulation of ESG performance and assessment in the UK. The roundtable style discussion covered the EU’s SFDR, TCFD, the UK’s SDRs, the use of ratings agencies and/or in-house analysis, and the benchmarks by which different sectors are quantifying ESG performance. 

Wednesday, 21 July 2021 at 10:00

Ethical finance and the potential of pensions to unlock government investment into ESG

A virtual discussion chaired by Alexander Stafford MP, with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, Guy Opperman MP.

ESG focused funds have grown considerably in recent years, continuing to do so throughout the pandemic when others struggled. This is relevant to pensions, as pension funds allocate capital to funds via asset managers or private equity. These funds then invest directly in companies and must report back to the pension fund on how these companies meet ESG metrics. 

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